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Pátria Investimentos sets up Winity in the wireless infrastructure sector

Nov 10, 2020 at 9:00 AM EST

In a potential investment of more than R$ 3 billion, the new company reinforces Pátria's leadership in the data infrastructure sector and will provide complete solutions for wireless technologies in Brazil.

São Paulo, November 10, 2020 – Pátria Investimentos announces the launch of Winity, a company set up to provide wireless infrastructure solutions in Brazil, comprising mobile phone network assets, indoor coverage systems, and new mobile connectivity technologies. Investment in the new company is planned at more than R$ 3 billion, a value justified by the urgent need to expand infrastructure to support the deployment of wireless technologies (4G and 5G) in the coming years and the robust growth of data consumption. Capital will come from the Pátria Infrastructure IV Fund, whose R$ 10 billion in capital (the largest fund for the sector in Latin America) was recently reported to the market.

Pátria points to the positive outlook for the new company, given the transformation the sector is going through. Organizations are going through a high-speed digitalization process, and connectivity and data infrastructure must grow continually.

In the data infrastructure sector, Pátria has built a leading position in Latin America, with a successful track record in creating and managing leading companies in the telecommunications tower, fiber optic, and data center sectors.

"We are still very active in the data infrastructure market, a sector in which we are one of the main investors in Latin America. And we have found high growth potential for the sector in the coming years because of digital transformation and, particularly, development of 5G technology, which will require companies develop new wireless infrastructure solutions," says Felipe Pinto, a partner at Pátria.

Winity CEO, Sergio Bekeierman, says the company starts with a robust structure to serve clients' demands, and he underscores the potential for expansion of the segment in Brazil. "This is a sector with recurrent investment which is in constant transformation. There is growing demand for the development of wireless infrastructure solutions. Winity starts strong with a very experienced team prepared to build solid, lasting partnerships with the industry. We have come into being to develop and build infrastructure of the highest quality in partnership with our clients," he says.

Pátria's track record in the data infrastructure sector includes the creation of Highline do Brasil, a telecommunications tower company sold at the end of 2019; Vogel Telecom, a company focused on connectivity solutions through fiber-optic networks for companies, and ODATA, a data center platform that operates in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

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