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Pátria Investimentos announces sale of Highline do Brasil

Dec 10, 2019 at 9:00 AM EST

Pátria Investimentos announces today that it has concluded the complete sale of its shares in Highline do Brasil, a company set up by Pátria seven years ago as an independent provider of infrastructure solutions for the telecommunications industry. This transaction marks the entry into Brazil of Digital Colony Management, LLC  ("Digital  Colony"), a digital infrastructure platform owned by Colony Capital, Inc. (NYSE: CLNY).  The value and terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Set up by Pátria in November 2012, Highline has become one of the leading independent companies providing infrastructure solutions for the sector in Brazil.  Highline builds and operates a portfolio of sites for antenna installation: towers, rooftops, indoor systems, and street-level sites. Highline now runs sites for the largest telephone carriers in Brazil.

Controlled by Pátria's Infrastructure Fund II, Highline develops infrastructure projects and leases these assets' capacity in long-term contracts, promoting the accelerated deployment of its clients' networks.

"We are proud of Digital Colony's recognition of this platform we created as a start-up seven years ago. Highline's success reinforces our strong belief in the industry and the region. Pátria will remain active in the construction of platforms for the implementation of data infrastructure in Latin America, with a focus on supporting the universalization of access to connectivity, the expansion of data use, and the updating of infrastructure for new technology cycles, such as the consolidation of 4G and the launch of 5G in the region", says Otavio Castello Branco, a partner at Pátria and responsible for infrastructure investments.

Linklaters LLP served as legal counsel to Digital Colony. Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP and Stocche Forbes served as legal counsel to Pátria.

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