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Patria fundraises USD 2 billion¹ for infrastructure investments in Latin America

Sep 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM EDT

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Patria Infrastructure IV is the largest fund ever raised for the infrastructure sector dedicated to Latin America2.

São Paulo, 2020 – Patria announced the conclusion of a USD 2 billion² fundraising for Patria Infrastructure IV. It is the largest volume ever raised by an infrastructure fund for Latin America¹ and is the result of the experience and strength of Patria’s over 30 years of activity.

“Since 2006, Infrastructure has been a fundamental investment vertical for Patria. This fundraising reinforces our commitment to the infrastructure sector and our active participation in the development of a sector that is critical for the region. We see many attractive investment opportunities over the next few years in segments in which Patria has proven experience and large capital exposure, such as energy, logistics and transportation and data infrastructure. We also believe that with the introduction of the new regulatory framework in Brazil, the sanitation sector will bring more robust investment opportunities” comments Otavio Castello Branco, co-founder and responsible for Patria’s Infrastructure vertical.

Felipe Pinto, also a partner at Patria, adds: “In addition to the large share of global investors that traditionally invest in Patria's funds, this fundraising included the increasing and expressive participation of Brazilian investors. The greater participation of these investors is the result of macroeconomic conditions, especially the sustained reduction in interest rates, and also reflects the maturity of this segment in the search for better returns in its investment portfolios. The various examples of successful investments in our portfolio, managed by the largest infrastructure team in Latin America, confirm our ability to generate value for investors and demonstrate our long-term vision and commitment to the region.”

About Patria

Patria is leader in alternative asset management in Latin America, with over 30 years of experience in Private Equity, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Credit. Currently, Patria maintains ten offices in the main financial centers of the world. Since 2010, Patria has Blackstone, a global leader in alternative investments management, as a relevant partner. Additional information is available at:

[1] According to the PEI - Infrastructure Investor ranking of Latin American funds. Base date June-2020.

² converted at the average exchange rate of 2020 at the exchange rate on the relevant closing dates  

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